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At Absolute Controls we serve a wide range of industries by providing a set of control system related services such as conceptual design and prototyping, solution architecture, system integration and supervisory systems.

Our consultants have decades of experience building and operating systems, which has allowed us to develop the skills necessary for predicting the evolution of a system and the know-how to design solutions which minimize long-term maintenance efforts. We provide system modularity to ease upgradability and minimize learning time for new engineers and operators, ensuring that operations are not affected by personnel rotation over the years.

Our core team works with the latest, cutting edge technology in several fields. We coherently develop and integrate systems using computer vision, augmented reality, virtual reality, neuronal networks – and more – into any control system, enhancing systems and producing results which surpass expectations.

At Absolute Controls we have at our disposal a large network of highly experienced contacts; we can bridge the gaps between research and industry to facilitate technology transfer most efficiently and profitably. We also provide training and staffing services directly or by means of our partners worldwide.

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Building Automation

Building Automation Systems allow you to monitor, control and maximize efficiency for all of the HVAC and Lighting equipment in the facility. Let us show you how our systems can improve occupant comfort, operation efficiency, reduce energy consumption and operating costs. We can provide systems to fully upgrade any existing control system to new construction projects.

Maintenance Contracts

After completion of a project, we are committed to keeping our client’s systems operating at the highest levels of operation and efficiency. We offer Maintenance Agreements that provide full maintenance/service to basic system inspections to everything in between. All agreements are fully customizable to the clients need.

Commissioning Services

Before, during and after the control installation process, our control technicians will verify that the control system is operating for maximum benefit and efficiency. Our expert technicians can also perform a detailed control system analysis on any new or existing system. Commissioning services may be provided as a 3rd party to another contractor or as a retro-commissioning service for existing systems.

Energy Management Systems

Energy Management Systems allow for the end user to monitor and control their facilities energy usage. Our technicians can install a full system of sub-meters and flow meters to monitor usage that may then be used to optimize equipment control or to provide valuable information to the customer as to energy related decisions.

Lighting Controls

Lighting  can be responsible for 30-35% of a commercial buildings energy usage. Installing a new lighting control system can greatly reduce this consumption. Systems can be as simple as automated schedule control to a fully intelligent smart system. These smart systems may be fully integrated into most any manufacturers modern control systems.


Our certified control technicians can provide 24-7 service on many control systems. From pneumatic to the most modern electronic DCC systems, contact us to discuss your service needs and what we can do to assist you. We specialize on Johnson Controls Facility Explorer and legacy Metasys systems and any Niagara AX branded system.

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